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Verona and the Lake Garda (Sirmione) with Free time and Transportation

Verona and the Lake Garda (Sirmione) with Free time and Transportation

Quick Overview

Verona and the Lake Garda (Sirmione) - duration 12h
Take a day-trip from Milan to explore the beautiful town, Verona, the famous setting of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Additionally, tour Sirmione, a stunning lakeside town on Lake Garda where ancient Roman ruins meet the crystal blue shores.
Verona is a beautiful and romantic city, a prosperous medieval town and a popular tourist destination. Go back in time to Shakespearean times and call for your Romeo from Juliet’s balcony or visit the exceptionally preserved ancient Roman arena where concerts and operas are still performed in the summer.
You will also have some free time to explore the narrow medieval streets and the renaissance palace that make up Verona’s historic centre.
The staggering lakeside towns around Lake Garda have intrigued visitors for centuries.
In Sirmione, you can visit ruins and mosaics that remains from the days of Rome. Praised for its beauty by the Roman poet Catullus, Sirmione, which lies between the blue waters of Lake Garda and green olive trees, is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on earth.
Tour the narrow medieval streets bursting with colour, the moated castle, Rocca Scaligera or wander through the town’s most striking attraction, the grand Roman villa.
Here you can admire the ruined walls and archaeological delights, including a charming carving of rabbits in the small museum.

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