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Sailing lesson 1 hour

Sailing lesson 1 hour

Quick Overview

Sailing lesson 1 hour - Limassol
Riding a Hobie Cat is a fast and easy way to get a glimpse of what real sailing is all about.
If you have never set foot on deck before, the instructors will be more than glad to teach you all the essential techniques, rules and safety instructions.
When your training is complete, explore Cyprus island with your family from a completely different perspective, or challenge your friends to an exciting race and test of skills!
Introductory lesson
If you want an introduction to what setting sail entails, start with a one-hour session with an instructor. The lesson will take place on a day when it is not too windy, so you can visit grips with the basics.
The instructor with familiarize you with:
• The essential parts of a Hobie Cat.
• Basic wind theory
• How to prepare you Hobie Cat and set sail
• How to steer your Hobie Cat and how to stop
Learn to sail
This course will help you become an independent Hobie user. After successfully completing this course, you should be able to prepare your Hobie Cat and set sail by yourself.
During your course, the instructor will teach you about the following topics:
• Essential parts of the Hobie Cat
• Basic wind theory
• How to prepare your Hobie Cat and set sail
• How to steer and how to stop your Hobie Cat
• How to turn against the wind and with the wind
• How to go upwind and downwind
• How to capsize your Hobie Cat
• Right-of-way and safety rules
Once you feel confident with the basic skills and techniques, you can try your hand at sailing in more testing conditions in a 17-foot Hobie Cat.
Meeting Point on the beach at St. Raphael Resort from 09:00 till 18:00

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