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Rome Gelato Making Tour-Learn How to make Artisanal Gelato

Rome Gelato Making Tour-Learn How to make Artisanal Gelato

Quick Overview

Rome Gelato Making Tour – Learn How to make Artisanal Gelato - duration 1h
Want to learn how to make handmade gelato from the basic ingredients?
Follow the step-by-step process where you are a chef, not an observer. Enjoy a delicious one-hour class at the gelato school in the very center of Rome where you are the maker, not the observer!
Add a little extra to our ice-cream experience with an informal but professional gelato-making class in one of Rome's most famous gelaterias You will learn how to make real, artisanal gelato from scratch in a step-by-step process where you are the maker, not the observer! You will start with an introduction to the world of Italian ice-cream and find out why it's important to choose the best ingredients, such as fresh fruit and organic milk. After that, you will be given an apron and will start making the base for your ice-cream by hand. The class lasts for an hour and takes place in the workshop of a genuine gelato shop, owned by a gelato maker who studied with the best makers.
The chefs will teach you how the ice-cream making machines work and how they differ from home ice-cream makers. The class ends with a gelato tasting, including your own ice-creams.
You will also be given recipes so you can carry on making gelato when you get home.
No more ordinary ice-cream for you... only gelato!
• Gelateria Punto gelato
• Gelato tasting
• Gelato making class for 1 hour
• Foodie guide
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• 16th April
• 1st May
• 2nd June

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