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Mythology Traces walking tour

Mythology Traces walking tour

Quick Overview

Mythology Traces - Mythological Athens & Acropolis Walking Tour (4 hours) - Daily - Throughout the year
Join us for the mythology walking tour of Athens and discover the Greek myths that dress up the glorious city. From the notoriously unfaithful Zeus to Dionysus birth tale, Greek mythology is full of drama and plot twists.
Get the chance to discover the places that reveal dramatic tales and get to the core of the myths that unfold timeless universal truths.
● A 4-hour Athens Mythological tour where you will discover the living remnants of glorious Greek myths.
● Visit the Acropolis and get to the core of the myths that unfold timeless universal truths.
● An exceptional archaeologist and licensed tour guide who will inform you about the worship of the gods in ancient Athens as long as fascinating rituals and customs of the Athenians
● A Greek coffee in Plaka, where you will rest & enjoy the ambiance of this beautiful neighborhood.
Children - free
Meeting point Entrance of Acropolis Metro station 10:00 AM

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