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Flamenco Show At “Casa Patas” With Dinner

Flamenco Show At “Casa Patas” With Dinner

Quick Overview

Flamenco Show At “Casa Patas” With Dinner - duration 1h 30m
Delight in an evening spent at Casa Patas, a tavern-restaurant where you may also enjoy delightful flamenco performances.
"Casa Patas is a tavern-restaurant and flamenco performance space in the centre of Madrid. It is a centre of excellence in the World of Flamenco. This unique establishment offers you quality gastronomy based on superior raw materials prepared according to traditional Spanish recipes. There is an accompanying programme presenting a wide range of stunning, live Flamenco shows.
At Casa Patas you will encounter a unique combination of traditional food and high quality flamenco performances. The venue is on the ground floor of a building dating from the 1880s in the Lavapies district. Casa Patas has worked hard to earn the respect of serious flamenco lovers, and now, after decades of effort it is recognised as a centre of excellence for this dramatic art form in Madrid.
There are two spaces: the tavern-restaurant and the ""tablao"" (Spanish for a performance space reserved exclusively for flamenco). You will enter through the first space, which opens onto Cañizares Street, and boasts a spacious bar area that leads into the dining zone. Traditionally, tapas, Spain's 'brief art', are eaten at the bar but they can also serve as an entrée to a delicious lunch or dinner. You can then move into the second space, behind a door, which is the special the ""tablao"" or flamenco performance space, where daily flamenco shows take place. There are food and drink options here too.
As a guest in Casa Patas, you can choose whatever combination takes your fancy or meets your requirements at any given moment. If you wish, you can just visit the bar, or the restaurant, or the ""tablao"", or alternatively, you can combine either two or all three of these in any order you like. It is a very flexible venue.
Casa Patas' prestige is based on the quality of the products and services it has offered for over three decades. Today its reputation, both national and international, is second to none.
The superb quality of the food is based on a careful selection of prepared products and raw ingredients cooked according to the best of Spain's traditional recipes. Spanish cuisine, a touchstone of Casa Patas, is part of the Mediterranean Diet, which has the honour of being part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Casa Patas has the status of a veritable temple of Flamenco. Casa Patas is a place that meets the highest standards, satisfying connoisseurs of Flamenco and those who appreciate the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You will see for yourself that Casa Patas is very demanding when they select performing artists, and when they maintain the traditional space where these performances take place. That's why the ""tablao"" must have its own separate room with theatre-quality conditions that bring out the best in performers and encourage respectful attention from the audience. You could say that Casa Patas is a temple to Flamenco. Programming variety is another important element that you will appreciate when you visit. Each week, different artists with original shows contribute to the performances, and this means that the musicians, singers and dancers always have a fresh and entertaining programme for you to see.
One of the great advantages of Casa Patas is that it serves as a legendary meeting place where you can encounter the very best Flamenco artists, from Madrid itself, and from the wider world. You will find that there is an incredible buzz about the place, as performers and experts mingle with the general public. The result is a series of truly magical nights of ""duende"" and ""pellizco"" on this unforgettable stage.
The Madrid Community honoured Casa Patas with the ""Enrique Maya"" award in 2009, for its contribution to the development and dissemination of Flamenco Art as well as for its on-going work in the integration of the Roma (Gypsy) People.
Tapas menu during the show:
“Tapeando por Tientos” Menu
• Iberian Ham and sheep’s cheese
• Iberian Carpacciov • Toast with “ensaladilla”
• Spanish omelette
• Croquettes
• Piece of Santiago cake and Truffle
• Casa Patas Red Wine/Sangria/Beer/Soft Drink
Or you may prefer to have dinner followed by the show:
“Por Verdiales” Menu: First course"
Not available: December 24th, 25th
Included in the price:
• Entrance to Flamenco Show
• A drink, tapas menu or dinner as chosen and specified above
Not Included:
• Lunch, beverages or other services not specified above.
• Transportation
Cancellation Policy A 50% cancellation penalty fee if canceled 24 hours or less prior to travel date

Availability: Not available

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