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Caldera Morning Volacano & Thirassia with transfer

Caldera Morning Volacano & Thirassia with transfer

Quick Overview

Volcano – Hot Springs – Thirassia – Cruise below Oia - Every day Boat Tour - Approximate Duration: 7 - 8h
The tour starts with the bus transfer from the pick-up point to the Port of Athinios. From there it continues with the boat King Thiras to the lava island Nea Kameni where the boat makes a stop to give you the opportunity to walk up the ascending soil path and approach the crater of the still active Volcano.
After seeing the crater you walk back down the dirt path to the boat which brings you to the second lava island Palea Kameni, where you find the hot Springs.
The boat makes a stop around 50 meters from the opening and you can swim in the green sulphur waters of the hot springs, wet your feet or just enjoy the view.
The tour continues after the hot springs to Thirassia Island which was once part of Santorini before the big Explosion of the Volcano. There you stay for two hours and you have the opportunity to do some activities like swimming on the beach of Thirassia, have lunch next to the Sea or just explore the Village of Manolas with its winding steps and traditional houses.
On the way back to Athinios port where the tour ends you will cruise with King Thiras under Oia where the best pictures can be taken of the amazing cliffs and the breathtaking scenery.
Once you arrive at the port the bus will be waiting to bring you back to the point you started from.
* Visit the lava island Nea Kameni and approach the still active Volcano
* Visit the second lava island Palea Kameni
* Swimming in the green sulphur waters of the hot springs and enjoy the view
* Swimming on the beach of Thirassia
* Explore the Village of Manolas with traditional houses
•Pick-up Transfer
•Boat tickets
•Entrance Fee (2,50€)

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