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Ancient Messini

Ancient Messini

Quick Overview

Kalamata, Tour Ancient Messini, Every Tuesday.
Enjoy a visit to the historical site of the old capital city of Messinia set on the side of mount Ithomi. Take your time exploring this vast site which is spectacular with 9kms of city walls surrounding the ancient temples, market place, a magnificent stadium, gymnasium and other major buildings and the museum. Excavation is ongoing and the site gains importance every year as more is exposed. Before you leave make sure you pay a visit to the museum which houses a number of finds from the site.
Take a journey though the beautiful countryside of Messinia to the site of Ancient Messini. It is extremely impressive and is one of largest archaeological sites in Greece; it is significant in terms of its size, form and preservation. Excavation of the site began 25 years ago and is still being worked to this day.
Within the site you can see the water system, the amphitheatre, the central Asklepieon which is very impressive, the assembly hall which is still almost complete, the large temple site and many other buildings including a Roman Villa.
One of the most impressive spots is the Stadium; it really is an amazing sight with the white marble seating. Originally used as stadium for games, the Romans changed its shaped to a horseshoe and it was used for gladiator fighting. Approaching the stadium you can still see the toilet systems and close to the stadium are the baths that include a swimming pool
Behind the site is Mount Ithomi which acted as a natural defense and to protect the city from the Spartans a 9 km enclosing wall with towers at regular intervals was built. Before you enter the site you get the change to stop and look at one of the original gateways into the city.
Before you leave get the chance to visit a small museum which houses some of the finds. The more important finds are now housed in Athens
Recommended: Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, water and a hat

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Tour Includes

An escort who throughout the journey will provide information about the surrounding area, points of interest and local history

Tour Excludes

Site & Museum entrance fee of 5 Euro

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