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Combo Deluxe Vuelta A Isla De Lobos-Morning with Swimming, Drinks and Light Lunch

Combo Deluxe Vuelta A Isla De Lobos-Morning with Swimming, Drinks and Light Lunch

Quick Overview

Combo Deluxe Vuelta A Isla De Lobos 4 hours, morning tour
This all-day boat tour around the Isla de Lobos begins at the port town of Corralejo on the northern coast of Fuerteventura. Your first amazing sight will be the Isla de Lobos itself, coming into view on the other side of the Firth River as you leave the harbour. Heading west from the harbour of Fuerteventura, you will be given the opportunity to admire the stunning mountains of La Caldera. This half-submerged volcanic crater is a gorgeous sight, and the black sand beach is a sight truly not to be missed. From La Caldera, the route takes you north, trolling for fish all the while, towards the Punta Martiño lighthouse. The lighthouse is fully automated now, the last keeper of the lighthouse, Antoñito el Farero, having left the island in the late 1960s. This area of the island possesses a stark beauty, and the now-empty lighthouse stands as a symbol of past occupation on the now-abandoned island.
Once you’ve seen the lighthouse, the tour will move along the south-eastern coast of the island until you reach Puertito. Its white fishermen’s houses give the area a unique charm. Once here, you will drop anchor at La Concha beach for a while to enjoy several water-based activities such as snorkelling or surf kayaking. For those who prefer more freeform pursuits, there is also the option of feeding the fish or taking a stroll along the beach, or even just lounging in the sun on the deck of the catamaran.
This is also where your meal will be served. Morning tours will be given a light lunch, while afternoon tours will be able to enjoy a glass of Champagne.
A Water Taxi will pick you up from the beach and convey you to the stunning turquoise lakes of Puertito, where you will disembark and feel the earth of this magical place under your own two feet while you enjoy the views.
Your next step is to board the catamaran to sail back to Corralejo bearing your memories of this special time.
• Enjoy the view of La Caldera’s black sand beach.
• Sail past the Punta Martiño Lighthouse.
• Visit La Concha beach for water-based activities such as snorkelling and feeding the fish.
• Enjoy a refreshing meal at La Concha beach before taking a Water Taxi to Puertito.
• Light lunch, soft drinks, beer, water, coffee and tea.
• Remember to bring your swimsuit, sunscreen and a towel!
• The tour may be suspended due to adverse weather conditions or the captain's decision.

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