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Classic Gondola Ride with Guide

Classic Gondola Ride with Guide

Quick Overview

Classic Gondola Ride - duration 30m
Book a magical gondola tour of Venice and glide your way through centuries of history. Allow yourself to be captivated by the glamour and elegance of the Venetian Palazzi.
This trip is the ideal way to appreciate the beauty, charm and color of this one-of-a-kind city built on water, where you will be enthralled by all you see around you. The cost of these shared gondola trips makes this Venetian experience truly affordable. There are no overcrowded boats, we allow a maximum 6 people per gondola.
You will feel part of ancient Venetian tradition and experience Venice as the locals have done for over a thousand years. In the past, the noblest and wealthiest families would have travelled around by gondola. The slightly eccentric Peggy Guggenheim was the last person to have her own private gondola back in the 1960s.
This unique tour of the romantic Venetian canals allows you to relax and unwind to the gentle rhythms and movements of the Grand Canal and appreciate the skill involved in steering the gondola through the city's intricate waterways. As you sit back and enjoy the sights, you're sure become involved in the friendly banter of the gondoliers - as much a part of the culture of Venice as the gondola! This delightful tour will take you one step nearer to the romantic facades of Venice and help you to understand what being a Venetian is all about.
• Gondola ride along the Grand Canal and minor canals.
• Great photo opportunities.
• Thirty-minute shared gondola trip in a flotilla of gondolas
Your guide will be waiting for you at the meeting point before the start of the tour, holding an orange umbrella
• This is not a guided Gondola trip
• Gratuities (Optional)
• Hotel pick up and drop off
• Shared gondola ride with max of 6 people per gondola
• Tour runs in all weather conditions
• Please make sure you arrive at the meeting point early, if you arrive late you may miss the tour. This tour leaves on time AND we cannot wait for late comers. Directions to the meeting point.
• Arriving by boat (Vaporetto): Take the No.1 boat and get off at the “Santa
Maria Del Giglio” boat stop, walk straight down the little street “Calle Gritti”. At the end of the road you see a small square with a church at the front and a well to your right. Turn right, past the well and the restaurant and walk back down the street to the Grand Canal.
Here, you will find the Gondola park and the Gritti Palace hotel. Arriving by water taxi: Ask the water taxi driver to drop you at the Santa Maria del Giglio boat stop (vaporetto) and then follow instructions as for arrival by boat.

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