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Carmona with Guide and Transportation

Carmona with Guide and Transportation

Quick Overview

Carmona - duration 4h
Explore the beauty of Carmona, visiting the many historic sites, and explore the necropolis
You will start the journey to Carmona and visit the historic city centre and the necropolis.
You will explore the main monuments in the historic city called ‘The star of Europe’ which was known as Carmo in Julius Caesar's time.
The city was made even more impenetrable during the long Moorish occupation. The Moors encircled the city with walls and built fountains and palaces within.
In 1247, Ferdinand III of Castile captured the town and bestowed the Latin motto ‘Sicut Lucifer lucet in Aurora, sic in Wandalia Carmona’ ("As the Morning-star shines in the Dawn, so shines Carmona in Andalusia") on it.
Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims and Christians left a permanent mark here where history looms everywhere. You are invited to explore a necropolis more than 2000 years old, tour King Don Pedro's palace, explore Moorish Alcazar, visit The Roman Bridge, and see The Seville and Córdoba Gates, among the many historic attractions of the region.
Child Age: 4-17

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