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Cripts of St. Crisogono and St. Cecilia with Boario Forum

Cripts of St. Crisogono and St. Cecilia with Boario Forum

Quick Overview

Skip the Line Cripts of St. Crisogono and St. Cecilia with Boario Forum Small Group Tour
Discover some secret sights of Rome on an walking tour inside the city’s underground passages.
Visit the churches of San Crisogono and St. Cecilia in Trastevere and learn about the former cattle forum of Foro Boario.
Discover a secret world beneath the streets of Rome learn about 2 unknown churches in the heart of the city, Santa Cecilia and San Crisogono.
You are going to meet your guide by the Boario Forum, the cattle forum venalium of Ancient Rome. Learn the history of the 2 temples that gave the site great importance in the Roman Republic. Hear about the round Temple of Ercole (Temple of Hercules) and the Ionic-style Temple of Portunos.
After the Palatino Bridge you see the Ponte Rotto (Broken Bridge). Some traces indicate that the bridge was already partly built by 241 AC. Continue to Tiber Island and the church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere. According to legend, the church was built on top of the home of St. Cecilia, a noble vergile of an important family of the Roman Republic. See the tomb of St. Cecilia and the geometric cosmatesque crypt.
Walk the narrow street of the Trastevere district to the church of St. Crisogono, dedicated to the martyr Saint Chrysogonus. See the 8th-century frescoes discovered in the excavations of an earlier church, thought to date back to the reign of Constantine I.
• Discover 2 underground basilicas
• Learn about the Foro Boario cattle forum
• Marvel at the beauty of the Monastery of St. Cecilia in Trastevere
• Walk alongside the ancient Ponte Rotto
• Visit the Temple of Portuno and Temple of Ercole
• Admire the tomb and crypt of Saint Cecilia
• Visit the church of St. Crisogono
Meeting point
Ponte Palatino. On the side of the Foro Boario.
Starting time
German 3:30 pm, English 3:30 pm, French 3:30 pm
Admission fees
For all €7

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